Working with files from Connections on your mobile device

You need to install two applications from the app stores for iOS or Android to use connections on your mobile devices without a web browser: IBM Connections and IBM Editor. Let’s consider the possibilities that open up for files stored in Connections.

Starting EdtitorYou can edit your own files as well as community files in the app. In Connections, click on the pen to edit files in IBM Editor.



Add to syncYou can also synchronize files on your mobile devices and edit them offline. All you have to do is open a file in the preview and click on the download option. You are offered to synchronize the file to your device. No more is necessary to have the files available offline. Once downloaded, the synchronized files can be found in the Connections app via the More menu and after Sync   > option. While offline, you can edit your documents or annotate PDF documents using IBM Editor. Once online again, reopen the saved document with IBM Editor and save them. IBM Connections will automatically prompt you to upload the new version and ask you to comment on the changes. I highly recommend to briefly describe the changes. This also helps other people who have access to the file to get a quick overview of the different versions.

Show AnnotationsAnother note on PDF documents: neither in your  web browser nor in IBM Editor annotations in PDF documents are displayed by default. If you are working with your browser, you have to download the file and open it in a local PDF reader (also on your PC) in order to see the annotations. On your mobile device you have to open your document with IBM Editor and then must enable the “Show Annotations” option.



Adding Location ConnectionsIf you are using an iOS device with iOS 11, you can access Connections files also with the iOS Files App after Connections has been configured and opened. In iOS Files the storage location “Connections” has to be added to you Locations.


Browsing and searching filesThe integration into iOS works perfectly, including the annotation of PDF documents while online and searching files from folders or communites. To edit the documents or while offlie, however, IBM Editor launched from the IBM Connections App must be used.
At the moment it is also not possible to access offline documents via files. Dare to venture into these new possibilities!

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