Connections Pink and strategy for Domino/Notes presented at the University of Zurich

As in previous years, the IBM Connect User Group (ICON) Switzerland Meeting will take place on 13 September 2017 at 15:00 at the University of Zurich (KOL-F-104). Those who have seen 2012 Mat Newmann’s presentation on Notes will surely remember his yellow suit. At that time the color of Notes.

Jason Roy Gary (Director of Software Development and IBM Distinguished Engineer with IBM’s Collaboration Solutions) has held the future plans for IBM Connections Pink at IBM Connect 2017 in a pink suit. And his presentations evoke memories of Mat Newmann. We are extremely pleased that we were able to win him over as a speaker for this event. We are also delighted to welcome Uffe Sörensen (Social Collaboration Director – Europe, Middle-East & Africa, IBM Denmark) and Jonathan Muniz (Offering Manager IBM Collaboration Solutions).

Jason Roy Gary will present IBM’s future plans for Connections. For him as for IBM, Connections Pink is not just the next version of Connections. Connections Pink is a journey. This becomes understandable when you have heard what should happen in the base of connections in the future. IBM solutions such as Websphere or DB2 will no longer be the basis of Connections. Solutions such as MongoDB, React. js, Ngnx and Docker will form the basis. This of course means that code needs to be rewritten and the switch to new technologies will not happen overnight. IBM wants to become more agile and move away from releases to continuous delivery.

Uffe Sörensen and Jonathan Muniz will provide us with news and updates from the Domino/Notes environment. IBM Verse, the new web interface with offline functions from IBM for Domino/Notes, will certainly not be missing.

After the lectures, all speakers will ask questions from the audience.

Please register for the event directly on the organizers’ website. There you will also find the detailed agenda.